11 Free Scaffolding Grunge Vectors & How-To

This set of 11 Free Scaffolding Grunge Vectors was specifically created with large print designs in mind, but they can be used in web projects too. It’s a common technique to slightly destroy large type in ads and other print campaigns. Using vectors for this purpose is ideal as they can be scaled to any size without loss of quality. All vectors were made using images of scaffolding which were then traced in Illustrator. I’ve also included a short tutorial on how to make the most of these excellent freebies to grunge up type.
Don’t stop there though. Let your imagination wander and get creative. As always these freebies are free for use in both personal and commercial projects.

Close-Up Previews:

How to Destroy Type with Grunge Scaffolding Vectors:

While this tutorial uses Photoshop the same techniques can be used in Illustrator too. As always we start by opening a new document (white background) and using a bold font write the text “Grunge me up” in solid black.

Next step is to import one of the Scaffolding Grunge Vectors into the document. The easiest way is to simply drag it from Illustrator into Photoshop. Place it as a Smart Object on a layer above the text layer.

Using the layer styles of the Smart Object use a Color Overlay with the background’s colour (white).

Your text should now look similar to the image below. However the text is now too destroyed and barely readable for my taste.

In order to tone down the grunge effect copy the Smart Object and place it above all layers. Change the color overlay to the text’s colour (black).

Select both Smart Object layers, right-click and select “Create Clipping Mask”. This will confine the scaffolding images to only the text.

Select the top layer Smart Object (black colour overlay) and choose Free Transform (Cmd+T). Move, Rotate and Scale the Smart Object until you’re happy with the level of grunge.

This is the finished text. I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial.

Download Scaffolding Grunge Vectors:

contains 1 .eps file – 25.2 Mb

11 Free Scaffolding Grunge Vectors & How-To