Boomers Increase Presence on Facebook, In Blogosphere

Baby BoomersIn some recent discussions I have had, I have noticed an opinion–mainly amongst non-bloggers and non-Facebookers–that these digital realms are dominated by young people. While this is not a total misconception, it is also not entirely true.

Take a look at Facebook’s user statistics from the past year or so, and you’ll see that while the largest percentage of the participants are younger than Boomers, users over 45 are steadily making up a larger percentage of their overall users. Blogger statistics from that same time period show bloggers over 45 outnumbering their younger counterparts approximately 6 to 1.


If you look at the user stats for Facebook between September 2008 and October 2009, you will see that the majority of their users are between the ages of 18 and 25. Yet, even though that demographic grows over time, it constitutes less and less of Facebook’s total users. In contrast to their drop in percentage of overall users, the number and overall percentage of  45+ users grows during this same time period.

9.18.08 (stats via

  • 33 million US users FB
  • 17,120,760 between 18-25 (52%)
  • 518,200 between 55-65 (2%)
  • 925,840 btw 45-54 (3%)
  • over 26 (33%)

2.2.09 (stats via

  • 45.3 million US users
  • 19,319,820 btw 18-25 (43%)
  • 1,228,660 btw 55-65 (3%)
  • 2,275, 960 btw 45-54 (5%)
  • Over 26 (45%)

10.1.09 (stats via

  • 88.3 million US users
  • 23,892,740 btw 18-25 (29%)
  • 5,560,080 btw 55-65 (7%)
  • 10,126,860btw 45-54 (12%)
  • over 25 (61%)

The growth of 45+ users was slow from late 2008 to early 2009. Users between 45-54 grew 2% during this time and users between 55-56 grew only 1% . Yet over the following 8 months, these same groups saw much larger increases of 7% and 4% respectively. As of 2.2.09, reported that the demographic group with the largest amount of growth was women over 55. This group grew by 175.3% over the previous 4 months.

In contrast, Facebook users between 18-25 saw their numbers drop 9% between September 2008 and February 2009; they then saw their numbers drop an additional 14% by October 2009. The numbers clearly show that while Facebook is still primarily comprised of users between the ages of 18-25, more and more older users are joining the network.  In fact, take a look at all users over 26 and you’ll see a jump from only 33% of all users in 2008, to 61% of all users in late 2009.


As a group, bloggers are older than Facebook users. Compared to making up 52% of all Facebook users in 2008, 18-24 year-olds made up only 13% of bloggers at that time. This is still more that the 8% of bloggers over 55, but less that the 15% of bloggers who are between 45-54.

In 2009, 45+ bloggers took over even more of the blogosphere. Users between 18-24 dropped to 7% while at the same time bloggers over 55 increased to 18%, a 10% increase over the previous year’s numbers. The number of bloggers between 45-54 also jumped. Their ranks swelled by 6% to make up 21% of all bloggers.

While slightly younger users (those between 25-44) dominate the blogosphere making up 64% of all bloggers in 2008 and 53% of all bloggers in 2009, 45+ bloggers are steadily gaining ground.

*All blogger stats were taken from Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere reports from 2008 and 2009.


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Boomers Increase Presence on Facebook, In Blogosphere